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Karnopedia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded to educate and inspire people around the world about the significance of biologically active small proteins (dipeptides) with a special focus on L-Carnosine. Our actions include different types of activities, organizations of scientific congresses, seminars and webinars. We are striving to become the major source of information, facts and expertise regarding L-Carnosine.

We think that Carnosine and other similar compounds are something very incredible that’s simply unforgivable to not have more attention in today’s medical publicity, especially in “western countries”.

Karnopedia created a portal that gathers all the scientific research on “L-carnosine” and other histidine-containing dipeptides in one place. Whether you are a doctor, pharmacist, scientist or you are simply someone who “has heard something” about the compounds of the future, as many of scientists refer them, you are on the right place.

We called this portal Karnopedia to give credit to Russian scientist Vladimir Gulevich, who discovered it and called it Karnozin.

Modern medicine, unfortunately, is mainly focused on treating the consequences of various diseases, not actively acting on the cause of the problem. The cause is usually associated with improper cell functioning. Karnozin Extra is a systemic supplement which exhibits its activity at the mitochondrial and cellular levels and significantly increases their ability to revitalize and recover. To conclude, carnosine can be used in a wide range of health problems by allowing self-regeneration of all cells struggling with some kind of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a state in an organism in which there is an imbalance between the formation of free radicals and their neutralization by the antioxidant protection of the organism, or when pro-oxidants (free radicals) overcome the mechanisms of antioxidant protection of the organism.

Karnopedia was built and being updated by a team that consists of medical doctors, biologists, pharmacists, but also simple enthusiasts that love to read and research. We have processed all of the scientific research papers of today. We have read them, highlighted the most important, simplified it, wrap it up, organized by medical fields and uploaded on this portal. If your scientific appetite is bigger, you can find more than 2300 scientific papers published about carnosine on PubMed.

Complete work has been done on a voluntary basis, with lots of enthusiasm and love. We hope that Karnozin Extra will help you as much as it has helped some of us.

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