Carnosine and its Chelating Effects

Carnosine has the ability to chelate metals.

What it means? The term chelating is derived from the Greek word “chele” which means “claw” and expresses the ability of merging, adding substance (in this case carnosine) to excess of metals in the tissue and blood. Chelates are substances that can be excreted from the organism through the liver and kidneys. Chelating therapy is a traditional classic detoxification treatment that was primarily used in medicine. Various chelating drugs, like penicillamine, EDTA, and others, have been used intravenously. This treatment effectively removes heavy metals from the body. Chelating treatment is also used as a complementary method for many other diseases, not only for disorders caused by heavy metal poisoning, but also contributes to the following positive effects:

  • expands narrow blood vessels
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces the activity of free radicals
  • increases the supply of oxygen to the cells
  • removes heavy toxic metals from the organism
  • improves memory
  • removes pain in the extremities
  • improves elasticity of blood vessels
  • increases blood flow to the heart, brain, other organs and extremities
  • increases the enzyme activity.

At the end of the fifties, the chelation therapy by using EDTA was quite a popular method for treating atherosclerosis. EDTA was used to remove calcium from the sclerotic walls of blood vessels, in order to regain their elasticity. However, this therapy was very expensive and required a lot of time, as EDTA was applied intravenously, one session lasted about 3 hours, and treatment required 10 to 20 sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Karnozin Extra provides the same chelating effect as EDTA, and provides a cheaper, oral chelation therapy. It is capable to chelate cofactors of oxidation: copper, zinc, iron and other toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and nickel.

Carnosine and vaccines?

Organic compounds of mercury (thiomersal, or thimerosal) are, as antimicrobial preservatives, ingredients of several vaccines, although indicated as a substance toxic to the nervous system since 1930. There would benefit of carnosine be crucial, since carnosine removes this organic compounds of mercury from the organism of the child. So it would be good that each vaccinated person, child or adult, take Karnozin Extra as a prophylactic measure to remove thiomersal.